Home Sustainability Assessment


Our unique Ecostar audit will provide ideas and information on how to make your current home more comfortable to live in, and reduce energy and water use and costs. We have ideas and tips suitable for units and rental homes too.

Anyone can become an eco star!


Home Sustainability Assessment: $250

(Available Mandurah and surrounds. Please phone us if you would like to be referred to another organisation in your area who offers a similar service.)


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Give a gift that doesn't "cost the earth"!





Power Mate




During a personal Home Energy Assessment, one of our accredited GreenSmart Professionals will tour your home and garden with you to:

- look at your electricity, gas and water use, the types of appliances you have and your lifestyle patterns to provide specific suggestions on how to reduce your energy and water needs, and thus reduce your bills!

- explain to you why certain areas of your home get too hot or too cold, and provide a number of ideas on how to rectify these problems

- test certain electrical plug-in appliances to identify their power consumption, in use and in stand-by, to calculate daily, quarterly or annual running costs

- compile a written report listing comments and suggestions made, allowing you to review our assessment again in your own time

- provide brochures, additional information and/or links to other resources to help you follow-up any suggestions made


All you need to do before the Audit is to have any applicable electricity, water and gas bills available for the last 12 months, and have any specific questions or problems noted to discuss with our team member.  It's that simple!


































Disclaimer:  All information and advice provided in this website and during consultations is made in good faith, and is derived from sources believed to be reliable and accurate. Ecostar recommends consumers make their own assessment of the relevance and suitability of advice, in regard to their own individual circumstances. Ecostar Consulting and it's employees shall not be responsible directly or indirectly for any loss, damage, hardship, injury or cost arising from the use of, or reliance on, any information or advice provided.

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