Pavement Crack Repair Series


Pavement crack repair equipment is our main product, mainly including slotting machine, sewing machine and so on. With the accumulation of practical construction experience,provide the most advanced road maintenance technical support for customers,offer the Crack Router and Crack Sealing Machine to global clients base on our professional product knowledge

Asphalt Distributor


Asphalt distributor is a kind of black road construction machinery, which is the main equipment for highway, urban road, airport and port wharf construction. Asphalt sprayer can be used to transport and distribute liquid asphalt when asphalt pavement is built by asphalt penetration method and asphalt pavement surface is built or asphalt or residuum pavement is maintained.

Chip Spreader

crusher and mill

Our Chip Spreader is designed in hanging structure. It is hanged at the back end of the dumper truck to work with the tilter to be lift up at 35°~45°. The spreading rate can be adjusted through the changing of gate openness and motor speed. These two methods should be done at the same time.